The Register Dump Window

Whenever the program stops, KDbg displays the contents of the CPU registers in the register dump window. To display this window, choose View|Registers.

The registers are grouped by the kind of register. The window contains 3 columns:

  1. The column Register displays the register name.
  2. The column Value displays the contents of the registers in a more or less raw form. The raw form is usually displayed as hexadecimal numbers, even the contents of floating point registers.
  3. The column Decoded value displays the contents of the registers in a decoded form. For arithmetic registers this is generally a signed decimal value, floating point registers are displayed as floating point numbers, the flag registers are sometimes decoded into named flags.

By clicking the right mouse button a context menu is popped up which lets you select how the value in the third column is displayed. You can change the type to use for all registers of a group at once if you choose the format for the group header.