The Program Output Window

The program output window is displayed using View|Output. The output window captures text that is written to stdout and stderr by the program being debugged.

The output window does not allow to type input for the program and it features only minimal terminal emulation: \n (line-feed), \t (horizontal tab), and \r (carriage-return) are treated. These capabilities are usually sufficient to debug GUI programs which only write debugging output to stdout and stderr.

When a program is debugged with KDbg for the first time, the program output window is not used. The reason for this is that KDbg cannot know whether the program requires sophisticated terminal emulation or if it expects input through a terminal. So, a terminal emulator program is used by default. In order to redirect the output to the output window, you must do the following:

  1. Open the Settings dialog by selecting Settings|This Program.
  2. Switch to the Output tab.
  3. Choose Only output, simple terminal emulation and click OK.
  4. Reload the program by selecting it from the list in File|Recent Executables.

You can clear the contents of the output window by selecting Clear from the popup menu that appears when you click the right mouse button.

If the last line of the output is visible, the window always scrolls automatically so that the last line remains visible when new output arrives. If, however, you manually scroll up so that the last line is not visible, the visible portion of text will not change.