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Compile and Install
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XSLT Debugging

Download Source Code

Click here to download the source code of KDbg 2.5.6 - stable version (from SourceForge.net).

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Consider joining the KDbg mailing list.

Download via git

KDbg development uses git. To clone the git repository, do this, which you need to do only once:

git clone git://repo.or.cz/kdbg.git
git checkout -b maint origin/maint

This will create a new directory kdbg in your current directory that contains the entire development history (currently, this is less than 3MB). It will follow the stable branch of KDbg. If you already have done this in the past, you can download the latest stable version with this command:

git pull origin maint

You can browse the history also via a gitweb interface.

Compile and Install

KDE 4.x and Qt 4.x

Compiling is straight forward. Extract the source archive, then go to the newly created directory and type:

cmake .
sudo make install

It is necessary that you have the KDE header files and libraries installed. Some distributions do not automatically install the header files. Please make sure that you installed them. It may also be necessary to explicitly tell the location of KDE, e.g.:

cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/opt/kde4 .

KDE 3.x and Qt 3.x

Please use KDbg 2.2.2. You can download the tar ball from Sourceforge.

Download Binaries

Official Debian packages are available from http://packages.debian.org/kdbg. (Special thanks go to Ana Guerrero!)

Development version

A new development cycle is maintained in the GIT repository, in the branch master. To download it, you need git. To clone this branch of the git repository, do this, which you need to do only once:

git clone git://repo.or.cz/kdbg.git

This will automatically set up your working directory to follow the development branch master. If you already have done this in the past, you can download the development version with this command:

git pull

XSLT debugging

Keith Isdale has donated support to debug XSLT style sheets using xsldbg, the XSLT debugger. Xsldbg 3.4.0 is required. Earlier versions will not work properly with KDbg.


Contributions are, of course, always welcome. If you have a favorite patch, just send it to me (see footer for email address). But if you have a more voluminous change that you want to have included, you better use git. Here is the recommended workflow:

git clone git://repo.or.cz/kdbg.git
hack away; commit small steps using git commit
git push -f mob@repo.or.cz:/srv/git/kdbg.git master:mob
Send notification to me that something new is available.

The first two steps are only needed once. The push step uploads your work to the public repository and makes it available for others to download.

This step actually uses the mob branch in the public repository, which is shared by all contributors that follow this workflow. Since the last command will overwrite the contribution that previously was in the branch, this workflow will work out only as long as there are only infrequent contributions so that I find time to download the branch before someone else overwrites it. But it saves you, the contributor, from having your own public repository, or to create patches from your work.

Last modified October 09, 2016.
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